22-59 kW (35-80 HP)
Offset adjustable and reversible mulcher for grass and pruning up to Ø 6 cm

The main feature of the BELLA model is the reversibility of the three point hitch, which allows the machine to be used at the front or rear of the tractor. When connected to the front, other equipment can be attached to the rear. The high selection of accessories available makes this machine suitable for any use.

  • Universal adjustable three point hitch I^ cat.
  • Gearbox PTO 540 rpm with free-wheel
  • Transmission belts external adjustment
  • Electronic balanced rotor
  • Kit hammers "08"
  • Lower toothed counter-blade
  • Roller unit
  • Standard PTO shaft
  • «CE» safety guards



Toothed transmission drive belts with external adjustment

The entire flail mower range utilises toothed transmission drive belts to transfer power to the rotor. The toothed drive belts allow slip proof engagement preventing power from the transmission being reduced due to heavy loads or general wear.

Gemella maschio 4

High rotor speed with low vibrations

Rotors of Maschio flail mowers are digitally balanced in order to ensure minimal vibration and improve long term reliability.

Gemella maschio 15

Counter blades for producing finer mulching of harder, coarser materials

Internal lower counter blades ensure that the discharged material is mulched into fine pieces. The upper counter blade kits are available as an optional extra for a finer mulching of harder, coarser materials.

Gemella maschio 30


Version 155 170 190 210
Tractor HP 26-59 / 35-80 30-59 / 40-80 33-59 / 45-80 36-59 / 50-80
Working width (cm) 155 170 190 210
Total Width (cm) 170 185 205 225
PTO RPM 540 540 540 540
Elements 16 20 22 24